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"Legacy is not leaving something for people, but leaving something in people."
- Peter Strople

How much do you really know about your great grandparents? Have you used online services to learn about them? If so, are you gathering facts and figures... or are you reading the story they would want to tell you? Would it capture the stories told by their friends and relatives? Chances are, most of those stories have faded, not having been captured for prosperity. It seems only the rich and famous had money for writing their memoirs back then. But times have changed.

I'm Mike Due, the guy who started Your Legacy Lives On. I'll admit there's still a lot of great value in doing genealogical research, but Your Legacy Lives On is an entirely different experience. We are biographers. We capture meaningful life stories before they vanish, and present them in the form of paper-based publications, electronic books, audiobooks, Wikipedia pages, and other emerging technologies. We aggregate and communicate someone's life ambitions, successes, challenges, disappointments, achievements, travels, learnings... and more. We can work with family to document a loved one's life journey, either posthumously or while they are still gracing your presence. We use online meetings to keep the process safe for everyone during this period of time rocked by Covid 19. Regardless of how we gather content, the key is to produce a snapshot of a life that can be handed down for future generations... without draining your bank account. 

We can do the same for companies as well as individuals. Corporations and corner stores alike have stories to tell, as a means of engaging their employees, suppliers, customers, and future customers. It's important to let the public know exactly who you are and why you are in business. Why just show your stripes on an About Us page or LinkedIn Profile? We can produce a biography that includes the full picture!


​Lastly, I want you to know we're just getting started. We are small but mighty. We're not a corporate franchise, and your story won't be just one of countless others in a production pipeline. We're a troop of artisans who love stylizing what's already been created; your story. Granted, we do like to get paid too (doesn't everyone?), but I'm just trying to emphasize our love of what we do.


If you've read this far, you are likely a person who is genuinely interested in the power of a story. We find that impressive. We want to work with people like you... so let's talk!

Contact Us/Pricing Details

If you'd like to talk more about our process and options, please send an inquiry to our team email address: Please include your preferred contact information so I know how best to reach you. You can also reach us on Facebook: I look forward to working with you!

Thanks - Mike Due

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