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About Us

Our Mission is to help companies and individuals gather and process their histories and deliver their stories in compelling ways. Our vision is to aggregate life-lessons from our clients and distribute them to others who may learn, and benefit, from these stories via traditional print media and emerging technologies. Our goal is to connect the elderly with their descendants through a traditional story-telling approach, and to connect companies with their employees, customers and suppliers.

Mike Due

The founder of Your Legacy Lives On, Mike has written eight novels which can be found at  A list of his books can also be found at He is also an IT consultant specializing in project management and technical writing which are useful skills for the production of your memoirs. 


Julie Due

Julie is an artist, designer, and photographer, specializing in portraiture. Indeed, she is a people person, photographically speaking. She has also painted murals for many Home-a-rama events and designed a number of book covers for her husband, Mike. You can see Julie’s photographic work at


Darryl Jouett

A veteran of the U.S. Airforce, and a retired police officer and detective, Darryl has published five novels which can be found at Darryl currently works for the City of Erlanger, KY, which happens to also be Mike Due’s childhood hometown. You can learn more about Darryl's books at


To contact one of us, please send an email to TheTeam@YourLegacyLivesOn.comWe're also on Facebook: 

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