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You've reached the personal website of Mike Due, an author living just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. I've self-published eight novels, all of which are available on You can read about each of these books below. Each description is followed by a link to Amazon where you can read reviews, see samples, and hopefully order a copy or two! 

I've also launched a new writing service at If you are interested in creating a personal memoir for yourself or a loved one, we should talk. More details, including contact info, can be found on that site.


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Low Road in High Country

Ranger Mark Powers had seen some strange things as a law enforcement ranger in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but nothing would compare to the bloody crimes that took place atop Thunderhead Mountain. His investigation leads to a suspect with whom Mark had a long history. Mark grows bitter when a lack of evidence sees the killer go free. He must summon the strength to remain faithful in the American justice system, and true to the moral standards of his father. 'Low Road' is also a celebration of the Great Smoky Mountains and the towns that surround it. Frequenters of the park will find an abundance of landmarks and special places that have been cherished by millions of visitors each year. So prepare yourselves for a challenging mystery that lurks high upon Thunderhead Mountain, and deep within a park ranger's soul.

A Corpse on the Court at St. Henry's Gym 

It's 1981 and the St. Henry's volleyball team are vying for a trip to the state tournament in Lexington, KY. Their game is interrupted when a man covered in blood staggers onto the court and collapses. Where had he come from? What was his identity? Who had killed him? Readers will learn of the circumstances that produced this corpse on the court and follow Detective Martin Weir in his efforts to bring the killer to justice.

Grave Consequences in Erlanger, KY.

It's 1977 in Erlanger, Kentucky. Five boys are gearing up for the best summer of their young lives. When they decide to visit the local graveyard at midnight, one of them has a big surprise no one would have expected. The next day, there's a dead body in the grave yard, and it's not a paying customer.
Author Mike Due revisits the town of his youth and layers a satisfying murder mystery on top of the true feel of 1977 in the Midwest. Northern Kentucky residents will be pleased with the inclusion of local establishments now gone, while those unfamiliar with the area will be charmed by the all-American culture of Erlanger, Kentucky. 

The story introduces Detective Martin Weir, who later makes an appearance in this book's followup, A Corpse on the Court at St. Henry's Gym.

Tough as Nails

Author Mike Due draws upon his experiences as a youth soccer coach and referee in this down-to-earth and personal novel about kids and sports. As many coaches may know, coaching is about more than just teaching kids how to play the game; it’s about knowing their limits, teaching them sportsmanship, taking care of their physical and emotional needs when their parents are not around, protecting them from harm, standing up for them, challenging them, encouraging them, and helping them learn from the sport, not just participate in it. Tough As Nails follows a reluctant coach, Mark Bohansen, as he gets pulled into his first season of girl’s U10 youth soccer. Raised on baseball, soccer feels foreign to him, but he digs in and embraces the sport which teaches him more than he bargained for. In the end he gains a better perspective on what it takes to be as
Tough As Nails.

Immaterial   Book 1: Discovery

Out of body experiences generally happen to people in moments of crisis. But what if you could have such an experience any time you wanted? And what would be the ramifications of such a selective exercise in other-worldliness?

Discovery is the first book in the Immaterial series. With a backdrop of international intrigue, drama and suspense, this first installment follows three college students on the campus of Northern Kentucky University as they embark on a journey to tell the world about a small blue pill that could change everything. Author Mike Due presents a number of theological and scientific issues from the perspective of believers and disbelievers alike.

Immaterial   Book 2: Delivery

Book 2 of the Immaterial Series reveals there are forces at work who stand to gain from the suffocation of truth, and will stop at nothing to keep it from being revealed. Their treachery has already manifested itself with a personal toll against the protagonists who must now dig deep to find the resolve to pursue their ultimate goal.

Immaterial   Book 3: Recovery

Book 3 of the Immaterial Series concludes with a clash between two worlds, the natural and the supernatural, in a surprising series events at the United Nations building in New York City. The students from NKU soon discover their actions have unintended consequences.

Of Honor & Deceit

Originally written after the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, Of Honor And Deceit, remains a timeless story set in Arizona where the U.S. Government has encountered terrorists covertly crossing the boarder. Now, nearly two decades later, the story once more raises questions about border security and the threat of terrorism in the homeland.

Author Mike Due challenges readers with layers of moral predicaments. There are also elements of humor, mystery, suspense and drama with overtones of Patterson and Crichton. 

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